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Appeal Information

Greenwood Townships 2023 assessment appeal period begins 11/01/2023 with a deadline of 12/01/2023. Please contact our office with any questions.

How to Appeal Your Property Assessment

If you believe your assessment is too high it is your right, as a property owner, to appeal that assessment. However, there should be a specific basis of the appeal – not general statements about overall market values. 

When can I Appeal?

It is critical that you file an appeal within the legally allowed time – which is 30 days from when the assessment changes are published. Once the legal 30-day appeal period is closed it is too late to appeal the assessment for that year.


How Do I Appeal My Property Assessment?

To appeal you must use McHenry County Board of Review forms and send all the completed forms to the McHenry County Assessment Office. They will forward them to this office for review.

Board of Review forms are available at the McHenry County Assessments Office or on the McHenry County website Board of Review Forms. Please make sure to read the instructions and fill out the appropriate sections completely. Also, please do not forget to attach pictures of the subject property, and the comparable properties.

There are three ways to enter evidence on the forms. 

1. Comparable Sales / Assessments:

Comparable properties must be representative of similar neighborhoods and similar building styles and construction. Using a raised ranch sale or assessment for a brick ranch home does not qualify as a comparable. Using a ranch as a comparable for a multi-story home also does not qualify as a comparable. If you have a ranch – you must use data from other ranches. If you have a multi-story – you must use data from other multi-story buildings. A minimum of three comparables up to a maximum of six comparables is a good basis for analysis. Identify the homes that you believe are comparables. Be sure to use properties in Greenwood Township, unless uniqueness of your property forces you to go outside Greenwood Township.

2. Recent Sale Information:

If the property was recently purchased, information about the transaction should be entered on the form.

3. Recent Appraisal:

Appraisals closest to January 1, of the current assessment year are the best.  On-line appraisal sites, such as Zillow are not appropriate for determining comparable values.

County Board of Review Hearings:

The Board of Review will assign hearing dates (once assigned, they cannot be changed). Hearings are scheduled every 15 minutes and evidence is heard from both the owner and the assessment office. The Board Members will decide at that time if an adjustment is appropriate or not.

2023 BOR Sales Report (PDF)



Greenwood Township is a locality in McHenry County. Greenwood Township is situated near Greenwood Illinois and the west side of the Village of Wonder Lake.

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